March 2, 2011

Competition Season - YEA!

You know that I LOVE competitions! From the excitement in the air, the stress of performing, and the camaraderie of my fellow harpers, to the haggis and chips and Scotch eggs – I can’t wait! The best things about competition, for me, are the urge to master new tunes, to push myself to play under a deadline, to incorporate feedback from judges who are so careful to make competitions a growth experience, and to get to cheer for everyone else!
I know competition is not for everyone – and I respect that we all have different paths and goals. But, now it’s nearly spring and I can smell the games season gearing up in my area. And I am honored to be coordinating a lovely one day competition that is near and dear to me.


So I want to invite you to the Celtic Society of Southern Maryland 2011 Celtic Festival on Saturday, 30 April in beautiful Calvert County Maryland. We are centrally located to the mid-Atlantic and have had competitors from as far as North Carolina to the south, Michigan to the west, and upstate New York to the north – and I hope this year will be no exception. The Festival is held at Jefferson Patterson state park with the field overlooking the Patuxent River which is stunning and delightful – a lovely location for a games.

We will have a Scottish Harp Society Sanctioned Competition (rules are available at . Our judge will be the wonderful Sharon Knowles. And we are fortunate to again have the Virginia Harp Center as our Prizes Sponsor this year.

I hope you’ll come to the competition, whether you compete or not. If you want to compete you’ll find the online registration (there will be no onsite registration) on . And if competition performance is not for you, come out anyway – we always need volunteers (who get complimentary admission to the games – just leave me a comment if you are interested).


Barbara said...

Jen, I have looked all over the website for a competition registration form. Did I miss it somewhere?

Michelle said...

WOW. I wish we were close enough to attend! Enjoy, girlfriend :)

Jen the Harper said...

Weird - I thought it would be on the website, but it doesn't appear to be yet. Registration will be through ticketleap. I thought the link would be on the page, but I don't see it on the site...I'll publish the link here on the blog as soon as I get it!