March 30, 2011

To wrap up our March on Spring Planning

I've taken the month of March to tell you about some great harp opportunities that are available this summer. I mention these particular events because I have participated in each of these events in the past.  I am confident that if you choose to go to any of these you will have an excellent learning opportunity - and you'll have fun!  There are many harp events throughout the summer and this was not meant to be an exhaustive list - just a sampling, so I'll end with the last of my suggestions - Harp Camp.

I'm particularly partial to Harp Camp because it is not only where I have such fun teaching and sharing - it is also where my harp life began.  This will be the 16th consecutive year for Harp Camp and each year Director Kris Snyder puts together a wonderful teaching staff.  I wasn't at the first few, but I am delighted to be invited back again this year.  Lucy Stevens, the wonderful arranger and performer, will also be teaching this summer. I am so excited - we have done all the planning and have put together a really nice workshop for you - if I may say so myself!

Harp Camp is a great learning environment.  The setting and the facilities allow participants to be comfortable.  That comfort allows you to safely try new things, meet new people and ideas, and grow regardless of your level of experience and expertise. In fact, Harp Camp is an excellent place to come if you have never played the harp before and are not certain it is for you. At my first harp camp, two of us were in that is now a harper (me) and the other decided that it wasn't really for her, but don't worry, she had another instrument to fall back on.

Harp Camp will be in the lovely Glen in Southeastern PA which is beautiful (that's not really what its called - but that's what it reminds me of).  This setting lets you breathe and be creative.  In addition, we have a variety of activities that all contribute to our growth,  In case you're worried, we don't spend 8 hours a day slaving behind our harps - we spend the days in a variety of activities and we have FUN too! We approach developing our musicianship in a number of different ways and in many modalities - it's exciting and I am very thrilled to be returning!  We have a variety of learning experiences, exploring basics of music, technique, performance, as well as creativity, ensemble play, arranging and writing, improvisation, and other aspects of being a solid musician. We also play games, enjoy good company, and play a lot of great music together. It's a busy workshop - jam packed with harpy goodness!

We'll be updating the website so you can find all the particulars and I'll post here when the information is available.   Don't forget the date - join us for Harp Camp 28, 29, and 30 July!

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