April 18, 2018

Summer Plans 3

Harp Quest continues in 2018
Ok I’m a little biased on this one.  I am delighted to once again be teaching with Kris Snyder as we continue on our Harp Quests!

After a number of years of Harp Camp, last year we moved to pursuing our Harp Quests.  We are looking forward to this year’s journey - we know those that participated last year enjoyed it because you told us so!  And we have so much fun putting it together!  As with any Quest, we each have a different journey as we seek to learn what our harp is there to teach us.  Plan to join us for our 23rd year and a new Journey with our harps – becoming what we’re meant to be.

This year’s Quest will be focused on Looking Ahead.  Our Quest will be easily accessible to harpers from anywhere and at any level and our focus will be a short and intense experience that we will each take with us into the coming months and years.  We may not appreciate all we learned until much later - but secure in knowing that we will get there – each of us.  And we’ll get there together!

The Quest will occur in the beautiful and bucolic valleys of South Central PA 27 – 29 July.  The setting is pastoral and relaxing – just the thing to learn and grow and go a little farther on the road we travel.
Kris and I will be your Guides and we are looking forward to a very personalized time of sharing and learning.  We will have fun, support one another, and work together to get as much from our lever harps as we can get!  We will work to expand technical skills and exercise our brains and as always, we will work on building healthy self-esteem, encouraging ourselves to try new things.  We’ll start where each of us is and build on that to develop a better understanding of the skills necessary to continue going and growing.  We’ll work individually and together experiencing three days of creativity, sharing, and fun.

The Quest is limited to only 10 spaces, so everyone gets personal attention, time to learn their own way, and has the space to flex their musical muscles. Interested in having a spot? For more information or a reservation form, Contact us.

April 11, 2018

Summer Plans 2

Somerset Folk Harp Festival
Not long after OSAS – many of us gather again at the Somerset Folk Harp Festival*.  Somerset has become a “must go” event for harp players!  It is an amazing 4-day conference celebrating the diversity of music, talent and experience of the folk harp world. Whether you want to focus on one style or type of music, solidify some specific skills, or try out something new, there is something for you.  The breadth of workshop offerings is sure to expand your musical horizon. The Exhibit Hall is the best harp and music shopping under one roof you'll find anywhere on the East Coast. There are daily concerts that will inspire you. I strongly suggest that you plan to come for the whole festival but if you can only swing one day – do it!  There are loads of registration options.

Somerset is coordinated by Kathy D’Angelo and is pulled off by a small but mighty band of people.  But what makes it such a good way to spend your time?  Well, I think they answer this well in a section entitled - What is the Festival Like? And the answer is - it's awesome! It is like a three-ring circus, a harp feeding frenzy, a family re-union, and your wildest harp dreams come true! You get to meet and talk with and play with other people who are also addicted to harp. There’s time to swap "war stories" "craziest wedding stories" and "why I started to play the lever harp" stories. There are loads of good harpy things going on but the one thing that really makes the Festival so great is all the other harpers there!  You will have an instant group of best friends at the Festival - including the stars of the harp world. You will find that you can talk with icons just as easily as you would talk with the other harpers in your harp circle. No matter what your level of harp experience, you will be welcomed most warmly and drawn into the family!

And – did I mention the Exhibit Hall?  There’s loads of stuff to try, read through, buy, dream about, plan for, and take home including harps, CDs, sheet music, doo-dads, jewelry, artwork, music stands, carts, and more.  And then there are the concerts which are designed to give you a diverse and broad exposure to the non-pedal harp world. There’s Celtic of course, but there’s also lots of other ethnic music, early music, classical, jazz, popular, and many sorts of harps including Paraguayan harps, bray harps, cross-strung harps, wire strung harps, double strung harps, harps with other instruments, and more! Diversity everywhere!

The workshops are incredible and span a wide range of levels and interests. Some of them are really substantive and challenging - some will pique your curiosity - some will inspire you to play better and some will be an occasion to let your hair down. The worst thing about the workshops is that you cannot take them all.

You do need to pace yourself!  Somerset is held in Parsippany NJ 19 – 22 July and all the details are available at: http://www.somersetharpfest.com

*once again – all this content (except my gushing and comment) unceremoniously stolen directly from the Somerset website.