March 16, 2011

Summer time at Somerset

The Somerset Folk Harp Festival will be held in Parsippany, NJ July 14-17 and in conjunction with the Historical Harp Society Conference.  Somerset is a great conference - see people you know, meet people you've only dreamed of meeting, and learn from some of the brightest stars in our modern harp pantheon.  With over 90 workshops to choose from the question is not will there be anything to go to but rather how will you ever decide on just a few in the available time.  In addition, the vendor area is a veritable cornucopia of temptation and delight with products ranging from delightful jewelry and trinkets to harps that are beautiful, mellifluous and harp-lust inducing!  And if it needs it, you can even take your harp to the doctor - and have it regulated!  All in one place and for an excellent price.

No matter your interest area - historic, wire, Celtic, Latin, classical, bedside - there will be workshops.  There are sessions on business, teaching, and other "tools of the trade" for professionals and those contemplating becoming professionals.  And there are excellent concerts each day of the event.  And even more - there are jams, the Carolan marathon, fancy dinners,  meeting old friends, making new friends, and harps everywhere! 

Somerset is well run, fun, informative, and worth the trip.  Early Bird registration offers a great deal on the registration price and is open until May 14th.  For all the details go to the website (being updated frequently with even more information, presenters, performers, exhibitors and more) -  Don't miss it!

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