March 23, 2011

The REAL highlight of the Harp Summer

I have been posting about some of my favorite music opportunities for the summer.  Each of them is an event I have participated in and really enjoyed as well as learning a great deal.  Summer is a great time to learn and a wonderful time to play the harp. 

But by far and away, my favorite summer harp activity is GOING TO SCOTLAND!  We do have a couple of spots left in the Harp in the Highlands and Islands tour in August.  As much fun as it is to go to schools, though, it is nothing like actually going to Scotland and playing harp tunes smack in the middle of the places the tunes evoke!  It is a breathtaking experience to sit in a castle and play a tune that was written to honor the Laird or to look over a field and play a march that commemorates the bloody history that occurred there - reminding us that people live history every day.

As you can see, we had a great time last year - and this year looks to be even better! 

And you can live your own harp history - come with us!  We go along the byways - not the highways - to see the parts of Scotland most people never see.  Through villages and along Lochs we find our way to the gems - and learn the music associated with them.  Accommodations are wonderful and the food in incredible!  Each day brings more - wonder, beauty, history, scenery.  And you may think I'm just gushing to get you to come - but really I'm gushing because I can't believe how lucky I am that I get to go and see the sites, play the tunes, and show you the things I love about Scotland.

I hope you'll join me - for more details, go to

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