September 29, 2010

Day Two - Across some amazing scenery

After our excellent first day, we awoke to a little more harp time and a huge breakfast!  We had grains and fruits, cheese and yogurt, eggs, bacon, toast, tomatoes, kippers, mushrooms - the whole gamut!

Don't be fooled by the apparent precipitation -
we were having a great time - singing in the face of oncoming tour buses
on the narrow bridge over the Falls of Dochart and just generally laughing at the weather!

Then we gathered up and started out, away from Perth, north and west across the breadth of Scotland seeing breathtaking scenery and incredible historic sites.

We saw Wade's Bridge and the Falls of Dochart (see our photo).  Then we continued on to Glen Coe where we had an enjoyable pub lunch and got to explore a little - even finding a new tune to give a try.  Then on along the Caledonian Canal and through the captivating Glen Shiel.  And finally - Over the sea to Skye where we settled in and learned another tune!

September 22, 2010

Our First Day Out

On our first day together on the Harp in the Highlands and Islands Tour David collected us all at Edinburgh Waverley train station.  The weather was not looking too promising, but we set off with light hearts and immediate laughter.  Although we did not all know one another, we quickly developed a bond of shared jokes and stories.  We headed to Scone Palace in the rain and got to know each other a bit better.

Our travelers included two harp players, one fledgling (a person who was going to learn the harp as we went along and an audience member (the lucky devil who was going to listen to us play!).  We arrived at Scone and the weather cooperated, letting up a bit so we could get inside to see the incredible displays (as well as doing a little shopping and having some lunch).  We then went to Pitlochry to see the Dam and the Fish Ladder - again the weather held!  We finished the day by heading to our accommodation, getting quickly settled in our rooms and rejoining to play the harp.  We worked through Brig of Perth and got it down, despite a little remaining jet lag! 

We share a tune in the lounge in the Parklands Hotel, Perth

We then went on through to a delightful dinner in the Parklands, laughing and chatting throughout and made plans for our meeting and outings the next day!  We were tired from travel, playing and laughing but we had a bang-up first day!

September 16, 2010

Just to hold you over

Well, we've finished the inaugural Harp in the Highlands and Islands tour and it was fabulous!  Our amazing tour guide David took us to hidden places and showed us the side of Scotland we all know exists but so few visitors get to see.

Unfortunately, in the short run, I'm having trouble downloading the photos.  Some of our tour guests also agreed to share their photos so, keep an eye here and I'll get them on line as soon as possible.  And as soon as I get my technical difficulties sorted out, I'll post my photos and tell you all about our adventures!

Until then, keep practicing!

September 1, 2010

I'm leavin'...on a jet plane

Well, it’s finally here! It's finally time to leave - to go on the Harp in the Highlands and Islands tour. My excitement has reached that fever pitch which borders on annoying (at least to those around me). I'm winging away to Scotland, looking forward to meeting up with our incredible guide David and the wonderful harpers who are joining us. I can't decide which day of our trip I am most excited about - they all will be spectacular. And at the end I am certain I won’t have determined the best day still.

I wish, as I have often stated before, that you could all go with us. Some of you have contacted me about going next year - we are planning on it (and more details on next year when I get back!). But for now, just be ever so slightly envious! And start planning for the next trip.

We will be having a grand time and I will post as we get the opportunity. I anticipate that we won't get all our posts out during the week, so expect them to be strung out over time a bit. We'll upload photos and let you know what music we've been playing. I can't wait to share with you!

Until then, keep playing - pick up a new tune! We will be.