February 23, 2011

16th Annual Harp Camp is coming!

Harp Camp is 16 this year!  Old enough to drive - and believe me, it has been a driver in my life since my first Harp Camp experience! 

Director Kris Snyder has invited me to teach with her again in the lovely Glen in Southeastern PA and I am very excited to be returning!  In addition, Lucy Stevens, the wonderful arranger and performer, will also be teaching with us. I am so excited - we have gotten together to do all the preliminary planning - and boy do we have a great workshop planned for you!
I cannot express what an honor it is to be invited back to teach.  Harp Camp is a fantastic learning environment - warm, supportive, fun, creative - and has launched the careers of more than one harp player in the region!  And if you know of harpwishers (people who wish they played the harp but don't know how to get started) this is an great opportunity for them.  People who have never touched a harp have the chance to begin to play at Harp Camp!

Harp Camp will be in its 16th year, is conducted in a beautiful setting, and allows you to learn with and from some amazing harp players of all levels and ages.  One of my favorite parts of Harp Camp has always been watching students teach each other and learn from one another - it is always humbling to realize the gifts each student brings - both to learn and to teach.

We have a variety of learning experiences, exploring basics of music, technique, performance, as well as creativity, ensemble play, arranging and writing, improvisation, and other aspects of being a solid musician.  We also play games, enjoy good company, and play a lot of great music together.  It's a busy workshop - jam packed with harpy goodness!

We're updating the website so all the particulars are not out there yet, but they will be soon and I'll post here when the information is avaiable. 

In the interim, I highly encourage you to save the date and join us for Harp Camp 2011 28, 29, and 30 July! 

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