April 6, 2011

Summer is coming and that means much more important things than bathing suit shopping!

Throughout March I posted about harp opportunities that occur in the summer. I have personally attended each of these annual events and I am happy to encourage you to participate in them as well. Of course, if you were able to participate in only one, I would strongly suggest coming to Scotland on the Highlands and Islands Tour - because it is so much FUN - and we'll have a great time! There are only a few seats remaining 22 - 29 August - a beautiful time to visit Scotland. You know the drill - if you'd like more information or to reserve your seats - go to my webpage: http://www.jeniuscreations.com/Harp_Tours_of_Scotland.php

However, as I mentioned, all the events I listed are fantastic opportunities to learn, meet new people, talk harp, play harp, eat and sleep harp! But to get the most out of any event - you MUST be prepared. And to be prepared for the rigors of these summer outings – you must be in good condition.

As with all future events, if you’re planning to get the most from the summer harp event you select – you want to be ready….and you know that I’m going to tell you the getting ready means setting some goals!

I’d suggest that your primary goals be tied to the event you’ve chosen. Are you going to be able to hang not only through the workshops during the day but the sessions that go on all night at OSAS? Or are you going to go to a workshop during each period of Somerset? Are you going to come to Harp Camp and end the weekend elated and excited rather than elated and exhausted? Are you going to spend the week traveling through Scotland and come home with all the tunes learned?

Your goal is up to you. But you also need to set interim goals that help move you along between now and when you go. Here are some suggestions:

Improve your condition. Whether you need to work up to playing more each day or just need to improve your overall fitness so you’re more able to tackle learning more, you can establish smaller goals that help you get there with “check in points” along the way. This will assure you pace yourself and allow you to evaluate how you’re coming along.

Build up your playing. No matter our level of experience, summer programs are fun – and tiring. One reason is that we don’t normally get to spend so much time playing – so be ready – build up! To do that, you need to figure out what will work for you, implement that plan, and assess that you’re sticking to it.

Set a practice schedule. We are all busy. Frankly, deciding to go to a summer event adds more to your schedule than just the event itself – you have to get ready. Setting a schedule will help you do that.

And remember that a goal also helps you keep your eye on the prize – remember every day what you are working toward and thank yourself for doing this small thing for you!

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