October 7, 2015

Planning for everything

Recently, a harp friend died.  This was a tragedy as she was a lovely person and a very good harp player. I had known her almost all of my harp life.  
Not long after that, her family wanted to move on and part of that was to assure that her harps went to good homes.  And so I was fortunate to be able to help the family in finding each harp a new loving home.  But it got me to thinking.

It was very difficult for the family – it’s a difficult time as it is, but having to figure out how to move these harps along was just another burden for them.  Because we love our harps and our harp friends/family so much, we may forget that to our “real” family isn’t as plugged in to our harp world.  They don’t know how we communicate, how to “shift” a harp, where to go for help, how to move on.

In addition, while our families might try to meet all our wishes, we may not have shared what we would like to happen to our harps (and their assorted detritus!).  You may want to be sure that your harps go to a chosen friend or you might want them embedded in a local organization’s harp rental program, or you might want your local (or favorite) school to receive your bounty.  But if you don’t tell anyone, no one will know.  Be specific – remember that it is likely a loving, non-harper will have to attempt to do what you want, so guidance from you would be a big help!

Therefore it is important to document and share your harp wishes with your family.  Think about (and plan for) where you’d like all your harps to find a new place when you will no longer need it. If you will donate to an organization – be sure that the organization knows it will eventually receive your bounty.  Be as lovely and generous as you always have been and others will appreciate your kindness. 

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