October 14, 2015

Happy Boss’ Day!

It's Boss’ Day – certainly a holiday worth celebrating!

“Why?”  you might ask – because at your harp – You are the boss of you!

You make all the decisions at your harp.  What will you play? How will you play it?  How long will you practice? When will you take lessons?  From whom will you learn?  What new tunes will you tackle?

You are the decision maker…and you have all the responsibility!  You should do all those things good bosses do:
  • Be appreciative of hard work
  • Acknowledge a good effort and reward good performance
  • Point out areas for improvement in a constructive way
  • Deliver useful and appropriate feedback
  • Encourage growth and development
  • Encourage creativity
  • Expect good work
After all, you need to be a good boss – you can’t fire you!

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