September 30, 2015

Holidays are coming up!

Those people who are planners will note that it's about time to start getting ready for the Holiday season.  Since the retailers have decided that Labor Day is when Christmas stuff comes out, we should probably take a hint.  The holiday season is a time that you can expect to be asked to play. If people know you play the harp, you’re going to be asked (If you haven’t told your immediate family that you’ve taken up the harp, you need to come clean!).

Whether you will play for your dog, your family, or parties and other gigs, you need a plan that will allow you to get through the season of holidays with minimal stress – and still leave time for your shopping.

Here are a six things you can do to be prepared:

  1. Make a list – what tunes are you going to play? What have you played in previous years (these will come back quickly)?  What did you have requests for last year that you need to learn?
  2. Get out your calendar 1 – when are you available? When do you have other obligations?
  3. Decorate – what will you wear for your gigs (even if its your dog, think of it as a gig)? Can you actually play in that outfit?  If you’re pulling out your annual holiday outfit, a year is plenty of time to shed, find or redistribute weight - does it still work for you?
  4. Get out your calendar 2 – when are you going to practice? When will you be too busy to fit in time?  Where does that fall relative to your obligations to play?
  5. Get it together – do you have any music or notes you need pulled together?  Are they attractive or do you still have a collection of stickies and scraps of paper?  
  6. Breathe – do you have enough time to do all the other things you might do for the holidays (such as baking, visiting friends, wrapping gifts, etc.)?

Get started now so you can have a relaxed enjoyable holiday season – you’ll be glad you did!

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