April 13, 2011

Conditions are favorable for Conditioning

Last week I listed things that might help you prepare to get the most out of the summer program you choose for this year (or programs if you're lucky!).  As I mentioned, all the events I listed are wonderful opportunities to learn new stuff, meet great people, and harp, harp, harp! But to get the most out of any event - you MUST be prepared. And to be prepared for the rigors of these summer outings – you must be in good condition.

We all know that even a weekend workshop can be really draining – it is a lot of work to be in early lessons and late night sessions, lectures, practicing, coffee breaks and shopping – they all take their toll. In addition, these are chance to be surrounded by other harp players – some less advanced than we, others the shining stars of our world who turn out to be real, approachable people. All this amazing stuff takes energy. And it’s not that we don’t have the energy – we just don’t usually expend it all at once like that! Most of us are lucky to get an hour a day at our harps. So a weekend workshop in which we are at it from breakfast ‘til bedtime is a significant ramp up! And the week long events are even more challenging

So, regardless of the program you elect to participate in this summer – make sure you condition yourself. Be prepared to spend more concentrated time on your bench – concentrating. Be sure your fingers, arms, shoulders, back and tush are ready for the demands you’re about to place on them.

Also give your calendar a good hard look. Every workshop is chock full of information – new tunes, new techniques, new people, new approaches, new outlooks. So be kind to yourself – clear a little time around the event so that you won’t be rushed or stressed before you get there – be sure that your mind is in good condition to learn too!

And when you get there – be there! Enjoy the time but focus on your harp life – don’t bring a bunch of other work with you – there’s not that much time, you’re going to be tired, and mostly likely, you came to the event to focus on your harp playing – other stuff can wait (not true emergencies of course, but work – make it wait!).

Just imagine the condition you’ll be in when the activity is over – you’ll be flush with excitement, primed to go home and play more, ready to take on new challenges – you’ll be in fantastic condition!

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