February 2, 2011

but what about me?

You might be thinking, "well, none of this applies to me, I don't want to start my new career as a brilliant musician...I just want to play my harp in peace!"

Because all that we've talked about so far has been a lot of hard work.  And to some extent you are right - you don't have to work so hard...but you still need to work at it to become as good as you want to be.  But just like people striving to be "the best" there are number of things we can all do to improve our practice - to make it more deliberate:

First, you have to focus so you can be "present" when you are practicing.   You have to work beyond the easy - stretch!  You have to give it time - spend time on that bench!  The more time you spend at your harp, the more comfortable you will be (even with the hard stuff).   You still have to collect feedback - seek it from your peers and those with more experience.  Feedback helps you grow - even in places you didn't know you needed work.  But never forget the importance of your own feedback - really watch yourself, and assure you make your goals.

So, no matter if you want to play in Carnegie Hall or if you are just playing in your hall - be deliberate in your practice so you'll make the grade you choose!

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