July 8, 2015

Push a boundary

Being creative seems like it should be easy.  But, sometimes you want to be creative...and nothing comes.  And it seems that the harder you think the less anything good happens!  

Maybe you just need some inspiration.  You could do the usual thing – sit there and try to come up with something you will deem creative.  But if that had worked, you wouldn’t need to read this.

What are some other ways you might spur your creativity?  Here are 4 ways to move forward:

1. Read poetry – develop motifs that reflect your reading of the imagery in the reading

2. Take a walk – listen to nature (or the city) as you walk and bring forth those elements in your music

3. Look at photographs – can’t get out?  Don’t want to read poetry?  Use a collection of photographs to inspire you to tell the musical story of the photo.

4. Exercise – or more appropriately, do some exercises – but not etudes – play scales, chords, arpeggios.  They do sound different if you are seeking inspiration.

Don’t sweat it.  Some days, nothing will come of it, but other times you’ll generate all sorts of great tune ideas!  Be sure to capture what you do come up with (even if you are not happy with it) - build a collection of ideas that you can review later.  Continue to work those and see where you go - you never know where you'll end up!

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