July 15, 2015

2015 Reading Challenge

We all know that we should be reading more.  Reading takes practice.  It is more challenging on the harp than on other instruments because the music isn't propped up directly in front of us – we have to add turning our heads to all the other effort of reading.

Some of us complain that we don’t read well, or fast enough, or accurately enough.  And we have forgotten how hard we had to work to learn to read initially…it was so long ago that it escapes us how hard it was to master!

There is a way to make reading easier – PRACTICE!!

But practice is also easier if we have a goal – so we’re going to have a Summer Reading Challenge!  The goal is to practice our reading so it becomes second nature (or at least is closer to second nature than it is now!).

The Challenge will be on for six weeks.  The plan is to read through as much music as possible in that time.  You can select music that you are interested in.  You can read melody lines or both hands – whichever will get you further along in reading the music you want to read more easily. The point is simply to practice your reading so it will get easier!

My goal is to read a new tune every day!  I’ll post a list at the end and we’ll see how I do – hope you’ll join me – start keeping a list in your practice journal and you can send them to me in August!  Start reading – you have until 26 August!

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