July 16, 2014

Time to act

Its about that time – we’re a little over half way through the year.  That makes it a great time to review how you are progressing toward your goals for this year.  You’ve had plenty of time to forget your resolutions, to have slid off your goals, to need to be gently reminded of where you wanted to go this year.

Back in January I suggested you do these six things:

  • Write it down
  • Think first
  • Focus
  • Keep your space neat
  • Make a habit
  • Develop a ritual

So, how are you doing?  If you’re making progress – congratulations!  Keep it up and you’ll have a really productive year.   

If you’ve “fallen off the wagon” you have plenty of time to get back on course.  Review (or actually set) your goals, identify the specific steps to get you there, and then schedule time for yourself to perform those steps.  And within the year, you’ll have done really well and made progress!

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