July 9, 2014

Don't miss your chance! Harp the Highlands and Islands 2014 tour

We're running out of time and space!  Don't miss your opportunity to join us on the 2014 Harp the Highlands and Islands Tour.  We are looking forward to seeing beautiful Scotland and its breathtakingly views!  See it with us – we are planning a great time for all.  Whether you are a harp player, play another small traditional instrument, or just appreciate Scottish music, you’ll enjoy a wonderful time.
Each year we build on the previous outings leveraging the resounding success of our previous Harp and the customized Scottish Highlands tours. We include music of course, but also history, stories and anecdotes that enhance your visit and make the scenery come alive!
We have expanded the tour this year to encompass the magnificent route through to the west coast of Scotland, the source of so many wonderful tunes.  And we are so excited to be able to be working with the Cromarty Arts Trust to offer you the opportunity to expand your trip and add on participation in the Harp Village.

This will be a veritable musical feast – I hope you’ll come along.  There are only 2 seats remaining - details and additional information on www.jeniuscreations.com/

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