June 26, 2013

Off to OSAS

It is Ohio Scottish Arts School week!  Always a great week -  playing tunes we have learned before, learning new ones, staying up too late, practice, jamming, and a lot of laughter! 

Each year we look forward to a week of learning from amazing tutors - this year is no exception with Corrina Hewat and Abby Palmer, Sue Richards Ann Heymann and Charlie Heymann bringing their unique perspectives and experiences...and wonderful tunes!  It's difficult to not be effusive! 

And there is the broader view, sharing and hanging out with other harpers as well as fiddlers, dancers, pipers, and drummers.  What looks like a fun jam session will also be a full rich opportunity to learn skills all musicians need, to practice musicality, adaptability, and flexibility.

Start of last year - photo unceremoniously pinched from Steve Schack, a fellow OSAS alum

If you've been to OSAS before but weren't able to come this year, be there in spirit by playing through the tunes from your summer and brush them up and remember the great times you had. 

And if you've never been before, I sure hope you figure out a way to work it into your schedule next year.  It is not just a learning experience but also just  FUN!

I'll trying to remember to take photos to share with you - but sometimes I get too caught up in the fun so no promises!  Thanks for understanding!  See you soon.

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