June 12, 2013

Harpa 2013

I am so fortunate - lucky really - to have participated in the 2013 Harpa Tour.  It was a wonderful opportunity to travel and work with some amazing musicians. I'm back now and still reveling in the glow of memories.

Here are just a couple of photos (which the other performers shared on facebook) that really sum up the fantastic vibe we had going - a great group, a lovely place, and lots and lots and lots of tunes!

Isn't just playing for fun the point!
Of course playing for an audience is a real joy too!

We had a successful kickstarter campaign and warm appreciative audiences at every venue.  What more could you ask! 

Look for the CD later this summer! There will also be a DVD that will be a snapshot of the fun we had.  While Beth says never again - I think you might be surprised...

If you're looking to have your own Harp Adventure this year - there isn't much time remaining to get in on the Harp the Highlands and Islands tour! Go to http://www.jeniuscreations.com/harp-tours-of-scotland/tour-2013/ for details and information. 

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