May 1, 2013

It will be summer sooner than we know it!

This year is zorching past mostly in a blur.  But summer time is when the living is easy...and so is connecting to other harpers!  It is the best time to find some outlets, learn some great stuff, meet new people, and play a whole lot. 

I wanted to share some of my favorites with you. I wish I had the time to go to more but here are a few that are tried, true, that I sincerely look forward to each year:

In June there is the Ohio Scottish Arts School.  It can begin at the Ohio Scottish Games in Wellington which is a large and friendly competition and the unofficial start to the week.  As always there will be fantastic tutors at OSAS in 2013 including the amazing Corinna Hewat and the fascinating Abby Palmer as well as the brilliant Ann and Charlie Heymann and the incomparable Sue Richards.  It is an wonderful week and you will leave with your head full of tunes and your laughter ringing in the halls.

In July is the Somerset Harp Festival.  As usual, Somerset has cooked up an incredible collection of people to teach you things you  didn't even know you needed to learn.  You will see old friends, make new friends, be tempted (and seduced) by the vendors' hall.  You think you will be able to pick out your harp from the tasting but instead you will discover other harps you will have to figure out how to acquire (or at least try!).  You will leave exhausted and planning for the next one.

In August is Harp Camp.  This is different - it is very intimate with only ten students included each year.  We focus on very specific teaching at the harp and our time away from the harp is a cornucopia of sights, sounds, textures, and tastes all focused on improving your inner musician!  We mold the schedule from feedback of the specific needs of the participants as well as the goals and desires they share with us. 

There are many harpy things to do in the summer - these are just my three favorites.  I hope you make the time to get out and play this summer!  Where will you be going this summer?

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