May 15, 2013

Getting Ready for Summer Camp

We talked before about getting ready for all the exciting summer harp happenings – very important stuff – you want to get as much as possible out of these learning opportunities!

But what about your harp?  Is it ready to get schlepped all over the place?  Going out of its home?  Going for a ride in the car?  What can you do to improve your harp’s travel life?
Getting schlepped is just a fact of many harps’ lives – yours may go everywhere with you or it may almost never leave the house.  Either way, make sure your harp case is ready to go –
  • Clean up your case –
    • remove the cat or dog hair (you know who you are!), pull the detritus out of the pocket
    • put your key and tuner and extra strings in the pocket
    • put the shoulder strap (or straps if you have a backpack-able case) on the ring
    • untwist the handles so you can comfortably carry it
  • Clear out your car –
    • make sure there’s a place to put your harp in your car
    • ensure that your harp is in a place that is safe for you and your harp in the event of an accident
  • Check the weather –
    • the challenge of traveling a long distance in the heat means you have to think about keeping your harp cool and out of the sun
    • going out of the house in the summer guarantees you’ll have to tune (a lot) if it is very humid where you are or where you are going
Show your harp a little travel love and it will make your learning go more smoothly by assuring that you don’t have to stress over damaging your harp while you travel!

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