May 30, 2012

What wil you do on your summer vacation? Somerset

Somerset Folk Harp Festival is a loverly way to get immersed in a wide variety of techniques, modes, genres, approaches, types, and kinds of harp music.  Instructors are always incredible and there are so many choices it will literally make your head swim.  While it has a long and appropriate title, you'll hear it referred to simply as "Somerset".

There are more than 100 workshops and classes (a record number!) from 33 presenters with the theme Narrow Your Focus or Expand Your Horizon.  Somerset is a 4-day conference celebrating the diversity of music, talent and experience of the folk harp world.  The Exhibit Hall is the best harp and music shopping under one roof you'll find anywhere on the East Coast - and will leave you drooling!  And over 30% of the workshops qualify for MHTP Continuing Ed units.

Most of the workshops are 90 minutes in the 3 main workshop periods on Friday and Saturday.  In addition, there are mini-workshops scheduled for things like Harp Tastings and Do It Yourself Harp Maintenance.   You can attend any of the other workshops. There are downloadable files tools to help you put your Somerset itinerary together.

This year's focus areas are:
  • Accompaniment & Arranging
  • Beginner
  • Business & Career
  • Body & Harp
  • Celtic
  • Historical Harp
  • Jazz & Blues
  • Latin Music
  • Rhythm
  • Skills & Technique
  • Therapeutic Harp
  • World Music
and you'll have tons of fun at:
  • The Carolan Marathon
  • La Fiesta!
  • Jams
  • Saturday Banquet
And if you are interested you can look into private lessons with your favorite instructors!

I am sorry that I won't be able to go to Somerset this year, but I hope you don't miss it!

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