May 9, 2012

The Perfect Piece 2

So last week I mentioned the Perfect Piece – the post on that really got me thinking.  But then I didn’t tell you what it got me thinking…so this week, I’ll share that with you – Ellen included a quote from a very well-known knitting designer, Sally Melville, who said that a "perfect piece" is something that is easy, artistic, and wonderful to wear.

And isn’t that true – think about the tunes you love – what about them makes you love them?  How are they perfect?  They achieve that perfection because they have some or all of these characteristics Sally mentions.  They are usually easy (when I say easy, I mean that even if they are technically challenging, the fall into your hands).  Or they beg you to give up their artistry through the story that you hear when you listen to the tune.  And they are wonderful to wear - you can’t help but share those tunes with anyone who will listen. 

As in knitting, where Sally also indicated that it’s not the complicated garments that are perfect, so with our music – it is the simple, it is the elegant, it is pleasure without fuss.  These gems are only made more brilliant by what we put into them.  We, the harp player, bring the life into the music - we set the beauty free.

Remember that when someone asks you to play, or you are playing for yourself.  Play the perfect piece.  Let those ideas bubble up and come out of your head through your fingers.  Enjoy the perfect piece – and revel in the perfect peace it might add to your day.

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