October 5, 2011

Stepping through our week – Day Six Royal Deeside

Today was travel in a different direction – geographically, historically, politically – and wend to the Royal Deeside. It is called the Royal Deeside because of the area’s close association with the Royals. It seems trite to say that the scenery is breathtaking, but it is! And we took it all in as much as possible spectacular bridges, enchanting castles, and captivating landscapes! But rather than prattle on about them, let me show you some of the sites of our day:
Corgarff Castle
Crathie Kirk, the beautiful church the
Queen attends when in residence at Balmoral

Delgatie Castle
We were permitted to play in the Withdrawing Room at Delgatie Castle - a lovely room with a warm atmosphere.  After we had shared a couple of new tunes, we had some of the award winning scones made by Joan (the lady of the house).  These were a not to be missed treat!
After another full day of sites, history, stories, meeting real people where they live, and learning another tune, we headed back to the Dowans for another delicious dinner before repairing to bed to prepare for the next day of possibilities!

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Michelle said...

More loveliness! I particularly like the star shape of the outer walls of Corgarff Castle - would love to see that from the air. (wouldn't mind seeing a great many things from the air, actually!) What a treat to be allowed to play in a space probably originally designed for such playing, and to have such delightful hospitality. Thanks for the photos!