September 21, 2011

Stepping through our week – Day Four The Western Highlands

The days continued clear, warm and bright – and on this day we had a little bit of a lie in and then headed for that most iconic of castles – Eilan Donan. One of the things I like best is that this castle has a place for harpers!

After visiting the castle we did a little musical relationship building with a wonderful local piper who was playing nearby. We wanted to set up a little jam but were a tad concerned about tuning up to meet him without breaking a lot of strings! And we decided that we needed a photo of the harpers:

The piper, Lea, shows the gumption of pipers,
willing to be photographed with harpers!

 After leaving Eilan Donan, we traveled an astonishingly beautiful path that lead us through the sites we’ve come to expect, to see a part of Scotland that many visitors don’t even know to look for:


We crossed the Beauly Firth and the Black Isle before heading to our next accommodation in Aberlour.

Along the way we saw new things and "must see" things. Once we arrived, we learned a great tune that was directly related to our visiting. Come with us so you can learn it too.


Steve the Harper said...

Jen, your photos are beautiful and bring back great memories!

Michelle said...

Loverly! I'm so glad you got to go (again) and that you're generous enough to share with everyone else!