October 7, 2010

Day Three: Skye

Skye is beautiful.  Any time of year it is breathtaking and wonderful.  David organized our day to take best advantage of the day and the weather and we moved from one amazing site to another - sites of geologic beauty, historic significance, and just cool stuff.  We went to Dunvegan Castle and after lunch we toured its lovely gardens and really, I should stop writing and just show the photos:
Let me say we were certainly glad not to be this guy - instead we were whisked everywhere in a wonderful vehicle that carried us, our stuff - and the essential tea and biscuits - everywhere we wanted to go!  

We got on immediately and we clearly enjoyed the
close contact of the trip!

They say you can never get too far away - and this phonebox - on the side of the road made us feel that we were in contact - and yet not!

David stopped on request for photos or just to gaze on the scenery.  Here we stopped to have some of that tea (and a biscuit or 2!).  We were only part of the way around Skye and we had already seen so much - we were constantly exclaiming about the sites.

We had a wonderful day on Skye and returned to the McKinnon Country Lodge.  We learned a new tune that was tied directly to what we had done that day (you'll have to come along if you want find out what it was!).  We then went in for a delightful dinner - all three courses of it!  After dinner a little more playing, talking and coffee, then off to bed - the next day was going to take us on to our next adventure!

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