September 29, 2010

Day Two - Across some amazing scenery

After our excellent first day, we awoke to a little more harp time and a huge breakfast!  We had grains and fruits, cheese and yogurt, eggs, bacon, toast, tomatoes, kippers, mushrooms - the whole gamut!

Don't be fooled by the apparent precipitation -
we were having a great time - singing in the face of oncoming tour buses
on the narrow bridge over the Falls of Dochart and just generally laughing at the weather!

Then we gathered up and started out, away from Perth, north and west across the breadth of Scotland seeing breathtaking scenery and incredible historic sites.

We saw Wade's Bridge and the Falls of Dochart (see our photo).  Then we continued on to Glen Coe where we had an enjoyable pub lunch and got to explore a little - even finding a new tune to give a try.  Then on along the Caledonian Canal and through the captivating Glen Shiel.  And finally - Over the sea to Skye where we settled in and learned another tune!

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