April 28, 2010

Southern Maryland Harp Competition Results

It was a “fine soft day” in Southern Maryland, characteristic of changeable spring. And while authentic, the weather was not perfect for a bustling Celtic Festival. But the Southern Maryland Celtic Society Festival went on. And stalwart harp players came out to share their music with an enthusiastic audience.

Judge Jo Morrison adjudicated the competition, sanctioned by Scottish Harp Society for the first time. She also provided an excellent concert with Port Righ before the competition and a workshop as well. They used the opportunity not only to delight the audience with great tunes but also to educate them on the music, the instruments, and the Celtic nations themselves. Jo also delivered a wonderful workshop – increasing everyone’s Strathspey repertoire by one!

The competition was well attended and the competitors all played very well. Results:

Beginner 1st Place: Marilyn Newman

Novice 1st Place: Donna Bennett

2nd Place: Mary Abbott

Journeyman 1st Place: Caroline Kemper

2nd Place: Mike Connors

Harper of the Day: Mary Abbott

In addition we were very pleased to have this competition selected as a venue to award a Scholarship to Somerset Folk Harp Festival. This scholarship supports an Apprentice Harper to participate in the Festival this summer. The winner of this coveted scholarship was Donna Bennett - although she entered her first competition at the Novice Category, she performed solidly at the Apprentice level.

Also special thank you to our Prizes Sponsor – Virginia Harp Center. All our competitors received incredible prizes in addition to medals and the traditional Southern Maryland etched glass mugs.

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Mary said...

Wow! You were really prompt getting the results up on the internet! Thanks for all your enthusiasm and many thanks to all who turned out to show off their skills with the harp, a wonderfully fascinating and challenging instrument to play! Mary Beth Dent