November 12, 2009

The Western Highlands

We start this day by visiting the well known and beautiful Eilan Donan. You’ve seen the photos and here’s your chance to visit the hauntingly beautiful and recently restored castle.

Eilan Donan - always breathtaking!

After exploring Eilan Donan we moved on to Ardival Harps to see how the wide variety of harps they build are made in their workshop. We met Zan in her “showroom” (and I did not succumb to playing all the harps there – it would have been tough to choose – Pictish harps, wire strung Clarsachs in multiple sizes, Gothics, bray harps and plain ole’ lever harps - all on display! Heaven!!). Then she gave us a tour of the workshop located in the mill (and the beautiful aroma of fresh cut wood – I didn’t want to leave).

But leave we did and on our way to Aberlour and the Dowan’s hotel, we saw Achnasheen, Strathcarron, Loch Carron, the Black Isle and Beully. Another day of tunes just popping into my head with each glance!  I am really excited about the things we'll play together!

We end this day at The Dowans Hotel, our accommodation for the rest of our visit. It is very pretty and much like staying at someone’s country house! You’ll feel quite grand when you bunk down here!
Dowan's Hotel - Looks like its waiting for a princess - Oh, here I am!

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