November 17, 2009

Since you were wondering

You might think that now that I've done telling you all about my trip to Scotland to plan the Harp in the Highlands and Islands Tours for 2010 that I'd be done and there's nothing else to see in the blog...

but you'd be wrong

There's so much more.  I'll update you with tidbits from my studio - tips to improve your playing, help you learn more, or just play better, updates on Scottish Harp events sponsored by Scottish Harp Society of America, and any harp related stuff that comes my way. 

If you have a question or a topic you'd like me to address, just let me know.  And sign on as a follower, so I don't get cyber-lonely!  If you find this blog interesting or useful, tell your friends.

And by the way, Caol (kyle) is Scottish Gaelic for narrow (as in the narrows that boats come through)'ll see when we get to Skye.

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