May 3, 2017

Harpa News

We are all pretty excited, preparing to go on our vaca to Scotland – with a great group and our harps! 

In Harpa tradition, we’re going to be playing concerts along the way.  Each one will be somewhere interesting AND all the money will go to a charity of choice of each venue.

Our first concert will be at Dumfries House - one of Britain’s most beautiful stately homes. It has an interesting history, not least because of its recent restoration.  There is also a collection of Chippendale pieces that is notably large. We are scheduled to play 16th May. 
The property is incredible – 2000 acres and an immense house as well as an arboretum, gardens and walks, all in Ayrshire – a beautiful place. 

We know you can’t all be with us, but check out the Dumfries House website and facebook page – maybe you’ll see us there!

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