April 12, 2017

Summertime...and the learning's easy....

It is time to plan your summer harp activities!  Each year I share with you summer harp events that I enjoy and get a lot from attending.  So this year – let’s start with the Somerset Folk Harp Festival.

Wide ranging and diverse, the offerings at Somerset are top notch.  With presenters from well-known icons including Debra Hensen-Conant and Kim Robertson as well as perennial favorites Grainne Hambly and William Jackson – what’s not to love?!? 

Somerset’s diverse offerings assure that, no matter where you are on your harp journey, you will learn something.  With an immense exhibit hall, concerts, workshops, and a new venue, you will have to see it to believe it.  And as a very well attended festival, you’re going to see old friends and make some new ones! You'll also be up close and personal to some major "harp heroes" so how could you miss that chance?!

There are over 30 presenters offering workshops in a number of areas including jazz, Celtic, Latin, technique, and more.  The theme is Narrow your Focus, Expand your Horizon.  There are four days of content so you can really immerse yourself.  And of course, there are the concerts!  All included in your registration!

Are you thinking, “Well, I’m just a beginner and I’d be too intimidated”, I say to you – pish posh!  Workshop descriptions include a level so you can go into those with which you are most comfortable. In addition, workshops are hands on (you need your harp), demonstration (watch the tutor play), or lecture (no one plays you just learn!) so you'll know before you go!

And I hope you're not thinking that you could just jump online and get the same content?  While there are some good online opportunities, nothing will push you along your own harp lifeline like being in a room (or an entire hotel) of harpers learning not just in the workshops but in the hallways, over coffee, at lunch - you can't beat IRL* for becoming a better harper - after all, that's where the music happens!

Don't miss the early registration discount – but you’ll need to act fast!  Early Bird registration closes 1 May which is right around the corner. Check out the website for all the information you need but be sure you get there! http://www.somersetharpfest.com/index.html

*IRL - in real life, for those of you who spend less time online and more time IRL! 

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