May 11, 2016

Why are you practicing?

Sometimes, especially if our playing is primarily for our own amusement or edification, we tell ourselves that we don’t have to work as hard or accomplish as much when we practice as others do.  Nothing could be farther from the truth!

It is essential, regardless of our level of play, that we become skilled and build effective technique.  We need to have the technical skills to elicit music from our instruments and to breathe life into that music.  Pasion without technique will give you inconstant playing.  Of course, technique without passion gives you lifeless noise (but that can be left for a different post).  And our selected audiences, be they full concert halls or the curtains and the cat, deserve the best we can deliver.

You might have heard the chestnut that only perfect practice makes perfect – and it is true! Don’t settle for nearly good enough. Make each practice session worth your time!
You can use tools (such as the free printable log) to guide your practice so that you get more from the time.  Include repetition in practicing.  Repeat not only the individual items but also the structure so practice is also practiced.  Practicing your practicing, just like practicing a tune or practicing tuning, will make you better and stronger in less time at each practice session.   Are you practicing your practicing?

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