March 16, 2016

Spring has Sprung

While it might take a little getting used to after an interminable winter, one upside to Spring is the lengthening days.  All that natural light provides so many opportunities.  And most of those opportunities can only help you to improve your harp playing.  Here are five ways to let Spring in that just might also help you grow as a harper:

  • Take a walk 1 – get some sunshine.  There are plenty of articles available to remind you that getting a little sun each day will improve your mood and possibly make you healthier. 
  • Take a walk 2- get some exercise. There are also plenty of articles available that document the importance of getting a little exercise.  Not only is it good for your heart but also your posture, and your mood.  All you need, according to the popular press is a 30 minute walk each day (or more if you are more fit) to build strength which will allow you to sit at your harp longer and more comforably.
  • Breathe – all winter you have been inside in heated rooms.  Go outside and breath some fresh air!
  • Open a window (or at least the curtain) – natural light is more available as the days get longer each day and is a welcome change from all those winter light bulbs! Longer days also mean that you feel like you have more time to practice!
  • Learn – use that extra time each day to practice a little longer, learn a new tune, prepare for a new event, get ready for summer workshops.

Use these longer days to build your strength, stamina, and suppleness so you can play all season long!

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