February 17, 2016

You can Dance -

In last week’s post, Sue Richard’s mentioned “choreography” of the fingering for a tune.  This week, Sue expands on the importance of practice and getting your fingering right - 

“Part of smart practicing that I think people don't pay attention to is the way the tune feels, phrase by phrase. Memorize the way it feels when you have a crossover or an odd fingering. Memorize the feel of the occasional chords and relish them. If it is an Irish tune where you should play variations, practice them. Don't just expect them to pop up. And don't play the tune exactly the same way every time.  Have at least one variation of a measure or two on hand, all practiced up. And most importantly, relaxing is part of the choreography. Know where you need to loosen up, and where you need to play hard to make a phrase exciting and interesting. 

"Choreograph your fingering! Try difficult phrases many ways, using all the available alternatives. Crossovers, slides, taking a note or two in your LH, skipping a note or substituting a note are all good. Pay attention to the heavy and light notes, and figure out where you might want cuts. Then move into the stage where you play it the same way every time, for 500 times. (That's what takes seven years.) Also, understand that many things like triad patterns and runs of 5-6 notes and walk-down LH are common to many tunes, and will transfer."

Are you ready to learn your choreography and dance on your strings?

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