January 20, 2016

Well, it’s one thing to say it…

I’m sure that you’ve already at least thought of the goals you’d like to work on throughout the year.  And that’s all well and good.  If you don’t give your goals some thought, you won’t be able to identify where to focus your efforts.  And of course, not thinking about your goals doesn't mean you won't have any - it just means you won't know when you get there.

You already know that you will make small steps toward your goal each day.  But watching for achievement can sometimes feel like watching your nails grow - you know it’s happening, but you can't actually see it.  Many of your harp goals will be like that – you make progress but you can’t see it as it’s happening.  If you capture that progress, you will be able to see it better – it will be in a single place and will highlight how far you’ve come.

But to really make progress you need to make those thoughts physical.  There are a number of ways to capture your progress.  You could:

  • write it down in a journal
  • build an inspiration board or mood board
  • scrapbook
  • develop a chart
  • use an app for that
  • made a progressive audio file
  • or some other method that speaks to you
The point of documentation is not to add to your workload but rather to allow you to see your progress over time.  Seeing your progress will help you remain motivated, make corrections, seek feedback from others, and keep moving forward.  And you might even have fun doing it!  Enjoy the journey.

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