December 23, 2015

Need a last minute gift?

Are you still looking for that special holiday gift?  Need something that doesn't have to ship but will definitely delight?  Why not give the gift of travel and join us on the Harp the Highlands and Islands Tour in 2016!

Love the idea of getting to see Scotland from an intimate perspective but not keen on playing the harp all week (or too afraid you won't be "good enough"*)?  Join us on the Highlands and Islands Distillery Tour instead!

We'll have a great time no matter which trip you choose.  And if you book before the end of the year, enjoy discount pricing.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions.
Wishing you all the best for Christmas - 
hope you got all the time you needed to play your harp!

*pishposh - we have had people come along who've never played the harp before the Tour, so you're destined to be good enough!

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