March 18, 2015

Early Summer Opportunity - OSAS

I'll spend the next few posts reminding you of great ways to spend your harp summer - in chronological order, that way you can plan your entire calendar!

It probably isn't summer without participating in the Ohio Scottish Arts School in Oberlin, Ohio!*

OSAS is a week of intensive learning, music, sharing, making friends, and fun! You bring your own harp (of course!) and if you're smart, you'll bring all the things Sue suggests on her list - well hewn after years of being in the dorms! The classes focus on: basic harp technique for beginners and intermediates, repertoire at everyone,Scottish style, including ornaments, lilt, and dance types, and did I mention having fun while sharing tunes?


Instructors this year will be Wendy Stewart (insert jubilant crowd cheer here), Haley Hewitt (keep cheering!), Ann Heymann (still more cheering!), Charlie Heymann (don't stop to breathe now, keep cheering!), and Sue Richards (ok, you are probably on your feet from cheering at this point!!).

Both wire strung and nylon strung harps are taught with focus on Scottish dance music, airs, and songs, as well as ornamentation, Scottish style, accompaniment, and learning by ear.

There are also lectures, practice time, and playing in sessions, as well as Charlie's well known  "band class" for all instruments so you can learn to "play well with others"!

In the evening there are jam sessions as well as treats, games and other fun.

If you've never been to OSAS, you definitely don't know what you're missing.  If you think it sounds intimidating, it is anything but (and I understand - before my first year I was terrified!). OSAS is a great learning opportunity that keeps students engaged and coming back (some for more than 15 years!). Hope to see you there -

* All the factual information in this post unceremoniously stolen, without permission, from the OSAS website: where you'll also find additional information and registration materials.

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Barbara said...

Looking forward to OSAS and seeing everyone and you, too!