January 7, 2015

Goals for 2015

It is January – a new start to a new year.  And of course, it is resolution time.  We all know that resolutions are simply goals wrapped in festive paper.  I always entreat you to set goals so I thought I’d share some of mine for 2015.
Because I want to succeed I have selected a small number of goals that are SMART.  By that I mean the goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timed.  I have structured my goals to meet these criteria – otherwise how would I know when I got there?

I have established three goals for my harp life.  That might seem like a small number but these are just for my harp life and I have other goals for other parts of my life.  In addition, I’d rather have three completed goals than a larger number of goals that are languishing, uncompleted and weighing me down.  And I'd rather reach for the stars and touch them than be caught up trying to figure which star to reach for first!

Goal 1 – Learn at least one tune per month.  This is attainable and realistic given the competing pressures on my schedule, I will definitely know at the end of the year if I have learned 12 tunes (by learn I mean prepared through performance, not just knocked one back at a workshop).

Goal 2 – Practice reading at least 5 minutes per day.  I find reading music increasingly challenging while I’m playing and my sight reading skill has dropped.  I know the only way to improve my sight reading is to practice. This will improve my capability as a teacher, an ensemble member, and just to broaden my horizons as a musician.

Goal 3 -  Book at least one new type of gig.  This is me looking to expand how I look at performing. So, just booking more weddings is not the point here, but rather to seek out new types of performing or types of event at which to perform.  Because the rest of my life can sometimes get in the way of my harp life, I have set this goal low but will be delighted if I can break through to more.

What goals have you set for yourself for 2015?

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amarilli59 said...

Let me know how #3 works out!