December 10, 2014

It's that time

It's winter and the holiday season.  We're all typically in demand at this time - nothing says winter holidays like having a harp at your festive event.  The question sometimes is what should you play?  We all know that holiday music can get a little wearing, especially later in the season and if it is non-stop.
What do you like to play for parties?  Which holiday tunes to do you include?  Any you specifically leave out? Are there any "everyday" tunes you you opt out of the set?  Anything you play specifically for your family or tunes you only play for gigs?  I'd love to hear what you're playing - let me know in the comments!

And until then, keep practicing!


Barbara said...

My family and friends are so unfamiliar with celtic harp music, anything I play (the rare occasion!) would be a treat! I think happy tunes (think dance tunes) would fit in nicely for the holidays.

Kathy DeAngelo said...

I play a lot of the "standard" carols, the ones that everybody can sing (well, at least the first verse), and throw in some of the more esoteric traditional winter tunes I've been collecting over 35 years. Holiday time is stressful enough so I don't layer music stress on top of everything else. A good song is a good song--I don't care how many times I've played it. I always find something new to put into it.