November 5, 2014

You are what you think. Now get ready to change your mind.

What a great quote!  I stole it from a brochure for a conference – that has absolutely nothing to do with the stuff we normally talk about…which is why it stood out to me – I love when I get knocked on the head by a thought that seems to be from left field and yet is TOTALLY aimed at my head!

How do you think about yourself as a musician?  A harp player? A performer? A person?  Do you ever think about how what you think about you impacts the you that is present?

Are you open and accepting of yourself?  How do you talk to yourself? Would you talk to anyone else that way?

Many of us talk to ourselves in a very negative way.  But here are 7 ways to turn that around:
  1. Make time during your practice to provide constructive feedback
  2. Make kind and gentle feedback comments to yourself in a positive way
  3. Write down your feedback….and read it again later
  4. Record yourself so you can provide more objective inputs at a later time and from a different perspective
  5. When you are not very nice to yourself, stop, correct yourself, and restate your thought in a positive, constructive way – the way you would to another person
  6. Take your time not only observing yourself and the way you think, but also to reconstruct the kernel of the original message in a positive and useful way.
  7. Lather, rinse, repeat!   
You can change your mind by practicing reframing your comments to yourself.  And it will get easier…with practice!

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