June 11, 2014

Summer weekends are not all for the beach

There aren’t very many weekends in the summer and most of us do our best to have fun on every one of them.  But you can only spend so much time at the beach.  If you have already wisely chosen to spend one of those weekends at Harp Camp with me and Kris and another at OSAS, you will want to spend another one at Somerset Folk Harp Festival!

Somerset has only been going on for a few years but it definitely has a place on the well rounded harper's calendar.  There are loads of interesting workshops taught by amazing harpers many of whom you might never even dreamed of getting to spend time learning from.   

There are so many workshops that it is often difficult to decide which one to participate in in each available session.  And then there are the concerts, the vendor hall and the opportunities to see old friends and make new ones.   And Scottish Harp Society of America will have a table!   

What more could you possibly ask?! See you there?

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