April 9, 2014

Summer is coming!

It's about that time to plan your summer - especially your harp summer!  Of course the best choice would be to join us in Scotland on the Harp the Highlands and Islands tour in September!  But to be ready, I'd highly recommend you participate in the Ohio Scottish Arts School harp program.

This year's instructors include the amazing Sue Richards, Ann Heymann (a must see for anyone interested in wire harp!) and Corrina Hewat.  In addition, Charlie Heymann will be teaching those elements that make us better musicians not just better harpers.

From the OSAS website:

The Scottish Harp classes will focus on:
• Basic harp technique for beginners and intermediates.
• Repertoire at all levels, including tunes for competition sets.
• Scottish style, including ornaments, lilt, and dance types.

The nylon/gut harp classes will study Scottish dance music, airs, and songs, focusing on ornamentation, Scottish style, accompaniment, and learning by ear.
Ann Heymann leads the class for wire strung and historical harps (bray harps welcome) and Charlie Heymann leads an afternoon "band class" for all instruments.
Afternoons will include lectures, practice time, and playing in sessions. Classes will be available for beginners who have played for a few months, intermediates, and advanced players. 
Returning in 2014: An incredible option to assemble, finish and string your own 27 string wire harp (assisted by Charlie). Please contact Ann for details: annheymann@gmail.com
Evening jam sessions offer students the chance to develop accompaniment patterns and learn more tunes.
You will have a great time and will learn more than you thought possible - hope to see you there!


Barbara said...

Would your head explode too loudly if I say that your blog is a highlight of my Wednesdays?
Especially liked previous posts about stage fright, regulation, tuning, etc. Thanks for all of the good information.

Jen the Harper said...

Thanks Barb! I really appreciate hearing that (but I don't think my head will explode!). Thanks for the feedback and suggestions...and let me know what else you'd like me to write about!