February 26, 2014

Three ways to do good

We all play our harps for our own reasons – we love the feel, we love the creativity, we love to perform, etc.  But sometimes we need more.  Sometimes we need to give back, to help others, to do more.  You can use your harp in service - and the harp is an excellent way to do that.  Here are three ways you can give back with your harp.

Health and Healing - Many people are called to contribute by supporting healing. There are a number of programs available to become trained to provide music in health care delivery systems.  Find a program such as Music for Healing and Transition - accredited  with the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians to assure that you are learning the material you need to provide an environment conducive to the healing process.  Not interested in pursuing study?  You can still play in hospital waiting areas for the families anxious and waiting. 

Work with education – If you are interested in helping children, you could develop presentations to introduce them to the harp and its music.  Many schools would be delighted to have your contribution.  And remember how many people have never seen or heard the harp – you can get in there early!  You might even find some new harpers there.  Schools need enrichment content and all the pupils could benefit from your time.

Entertain the under-served – no matter where you live there are likely to be people who are not able to access quality entertainment so why not share with them?  Nursing homes, shut ins, group homes, and others would be delighted with any performance you would be willing to share. 

Service is an excellent way to overcome any reluctance you might have about performing - these audiences will be so grateful for your time and talent.  In addition, it helps us to learn that playing and performing is about sharing, it's not about us!

There are so many ways to share - if you have others, please add them in the comments below - I'd love to hear from you - 

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