January 29, 2014

Check Your Resolutions

Surveys earlier this month indicated that many people make resolutions each year.  Those same surveys indicated that most people didn’t make it very far on those resolutions.   

We typically make resolutions to focus on something we think we should be doing but haven’t done or on things we do that we know are bad for us. Assuming you’ve made some harp resolutions, this is a good time to determine if you’re on track to achieving those resolutions or if you’ve already fallen off the wagon and need to climb back on!   

Here are four ways to keep yourself moving forward to successfully achieve your resolutions for 2014:
  1.  Make sure you really want it– sometimes we set a resolution that we think we should set, rather than one we actually want.   For example, we think we should practice for two hours every day, but we don’t really want to. Be clear on what you want and work toward that.  If you really only want to practice for half an hour a day, a better resolution would be to structure your practice and really get benefit from those thirty minutes.
  2. Identify what has gotten in your way and how you’re going to get around it – if your resolution is to practice every day but you’re not making it, examine why – what is getting in your way?  Once you know what is blocking you (you don’t really want to, you have to move your harp to play it, you haven’t scheduled the time) you can devise a strategy to stay on track.
  3. Catch yourself doing good – set up a reward schedule for making progress on your resolution.  Make sure it is a good reward!
  4. Verify that it was a good resolution to begin with – sometimes we set resolutions that really aren’t good (something we just can’t achieve or a resolution that you don’t really want)…change it!  Resolutions are not set in stone and you can set a new one that is a better fit at any time.
Remember that you set a resolution to make you better, not to punish yourself!  Do what you can to help you make your resolutions successful and you’ll have a real feeling of accomplishment.

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