April 3, 2013

In the absence of practice

It sometimes happens that a long time goes by and you don’t get to sit at your harp.

At all.
No matter what you’d like to do, it doesn’t happen. 
This does not improve your playing.
Nor does it improve your disposition.
I know - I am in one of those places right now.  I am in the middle of a travel-fest.  I have not been home to practice and when I do get home I am so focused on completing everything else that I don’t even get to touch my harp.
Very disheartening.
However, this is not a time of no practice, just a time of no playing. 
I have my trusty headphones and loads of music I only wish I could play.  I am listening (over and over and over). I am thinking about what I have heard and what it will look like on the strings and how it will feel in my fingers…when I eventually get back and can play.
There are many ways to practice.  Some of them reveal better results faster, but they all have their place.  As you move into the part of the year that is busy, your schedule bursting like the new flowers, remember that you can practice without your harp, when you have to. 
It will make you that much gladder to sit when you return – and will prevent you from losing too much ground.  Of course, nothing will improve your playing more than time in the seat, so be ready to knuckle under when you get there!

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