February 1, 2012

2012 Harp in the Highlands and Islands Tour is coming up!

The 2012 Music in the Highlands and Islands Tour is rapidly approaching.  We will be going 16 - 23 July.

This year, we are welcoming not only harp players, want-to-be harp players, and harp loving companions but also other instrument players.  If you, a friend, companion, or music partner play a small instrument and would like to join us - welcome and come along! While we will continue to bring the harp experience to our guests, we understand that not everyone is ready to play the harp, but that is no reason that these instruments can't also come with us on our musical adventure. So this year we are also inviting other musicians to join us. So if you already play fiddle, flute, concertina, or whistle, please bring your instrument and join us!

You'll get the same great instruction and tunes. You'll still have the opportunity to try your hand at the Harp - THE traditional instrument of Scotland, but you now have the opportunity to learn some or all of the tunes on your "native" instrument.

For more information, email me or leave a comment. Remember that seats are limited. I hope you'll be joining us!


Harp Player for Weddings said...

Do you have something for this summer?

Jen the Harper said...

I do, please leave me your email or email me on jentheharper@gmail.com - looking forward to hearing from you (sorry for the delay - i posted to the wrong post!).