August 31, 2011

Stepping through our week - Day One Perth

We have had a fantastic trip - loads of sunshine, some very authentic rain, but mostly bright clear days.  We started our adventure in Perth visiting Scone Palace - the place where kings were crowned at the Stone of Destiny.

 In addition to the rich history learned along the way on touring the palace, we had the occasion to be greeted by that most royal of hosts - the peacocks!

We also had the opportunity to see the garden, the maze, and our first set of Hie'lan' Coos!

We also visited Ossian's Cave and the Falls of Brann where we learned more history and were captivated by the incredible falls and the surrounding woodland - it's amazing what happens when you put engineering and nature together!

After taking in all this beauty, we headed back to Perth to create some beauty of our own.  We learned and played a great tune that we would come back to later in the week.  It was great fun playing together sharing the tune.  We had a wonderful time over dinner getting to know one another better, reviewing the best parts of the day and preparing for our next day, which I'll tell you about next week!

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