July 6, 2011

6 July OSAS Report

Each year we have an excellent experience and when it's time to go we are certain that the next year can not possibly be better.  And each year we are wrong!

OSAS was brilliant this year - I wish you all could have been there.  We learned some great tunes - can't wait to really get them under my belt!  Lots of time singing - and we waulked a length of cloth which we later shared as a group. 

Tiffany Lingle got this photo of Karen, Wendy and me having a great time in session

We learned some lovely tunes, including snappy pipe tunes from Jo Morrison, songs from Seamus Gagne, a fantastic air from Sue Richards. Ann Heymann introduced us to the Sterling Heads roundel and the possibilities that it contains as well as sharing the Bunworth harp replica - a stunning copy guided by history.  We had lectures on teaching and technology, fiddle history, reading Gaelic, and rhythm.

I was delighted to act as master of ceremonies for both the instructor concert and the "OSAS got Talent" variety show, as well as having the opportunity to be the counselor for the girls on the first floor!  Our harp kids are just cool people - which is always nice. 

And there were sessions, cookies, more sessions, games, knitting, singing with the weeping beech, and the practically mandatory trip to the bead store. I was too busy having a good time, soaking up music and culture and language to remember to take photos.  

There's some wonderful photos and reminiscences in the latest Kilt and Harp which is posted at the SHSA members site, the forum - www.shsa.org/forum

And I am beyond delighted to have been invited to teach at OSAS next year.  I already have ideas and I hope I'll see you there in 2012!


Harpersara said...

Jen - I followed the link you posted, but couldn't find any connection to the latest Kilt and Harp.

Enjoyed your post and pictures ... missing everyone so much!

Jen the Harper said...

Hi Sara, I checked it and it is linking on my computer. Just to be sure, the link is:


which will take you to the forum, then you have to login and go to the Kilt and Harp board (you can't go directly to K&H, you have to login first).

Hopefully that will work for you - if not, just let me know!