January 5, 2011

Deliberating Deliberateness

So, another year, another new start! What's your resolution? Have you vowed to practice more and to do so more often? Do you have a plan? Experts tell us you won't succeed in achieving your resolution without a plan. So, let’s make a plan to improve that practice.

First – no one gets a free ride

How are you different from Joshua Bell (aside from instrument selection) or Harpo Marx (arguably the best known harp player of the 20th century)? You aren’t. While talent or innate ability may help you enjoy playing the harp or might even have made it easier for you to learn at first, that talent won’t carry the day in the long run. Only hard work will.

It will take hard work

Once you’ve decided to work hard, all that’s left to decide is how to accomplish that. Over the next few weeks we’ll look at improving your practice deliberately – pushing the boundaries of the time you spend and how you fill that time. 

In the interim, if you have a specific question about your practice you’d like a look at, just send it to me in a comment and I’ll work it in.   And until then, make sure you’ve written your goals down and that you refer to them often – to keep yourself on track!

Interestingly, when I looked for a graphic for "hard work" almost every item included a hard hat - so find your mental hard hat and Let's Go!

Happy New Year!

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